Friday, May 30, 2014

Relations Between Gardai And GSOC Strained over Latest Fatal Collision

It's being reported that a row has erupted between the garda watchdog and the force over a fatal crash yesterday in Dublin. GSOC says they should have been alerted earlier. A 43-year-old woman died in a collision and a 26-year-old man is critical after their car hit a lamp post at Fairview. The vehicle was being followed by Gardai when it went out of control at ten to two in the morning. Officers examined the crash scene and made the street safe before reporting the incident to GSOC, in apparent breach of protocol. The ombudsman was formally notified the case was being referred at 7.30am, meaning GSOC's investigators only arrived on scene at 9am, after the street reopened to traffic. According to the Irish Times, the relationship between the two parties has come under renewed strain as a result.