Friday, April 13, 2012

Niamh's Final Questionnaire!

How are you feeling?

I can't believe it's the last week, I have mixed feelings to be honest. I'm thrilled to have completed the challenge and in what I have succeeded to do but on the other hand I'm anxious about keeping it up and keeping it going even though I know I will :)

Are you planning on keeping up the good/hard work?

Yes definitely, this has been the best jump start ever, and I'm so glad I was given this opportunity. Thank you all very much, I am on a roll now and will keep doing my best.

What are the main changes you've seen in yourself over the 8 weeks?

The changes have been great, I notice I've gone down in my clothes sizes and I feel more positive, happy and healthy in myself. Its a great feeling!

Are you happy with your final weight/measurements?

Well final weight/measurements are tomorrow evening (thurs) but I am delighted at how I've got on every week and it's great to see and hear people giving me positive feedback to how I'm doing, as it really spurs you on and gives you motivation to keep going.

What has been the highlight of the 8 weeks for you?

There have been lots of highlights for me, I had a great trainer in Katherine, she really helped me so much. All the trainers were really helpful and supportive. I enjoyed all the classes and proved to myself every week that I was able to do the different classes and workouts and I made some lovely and supportive friends with the other challengers who I will be definitely keeping in touch with :)

Are you ready for Bray Head on Saturday?

I'm nervous about Bray Head even though I went up it twice over the Easter weekend. I will be happy when it's over but it's the anticipation of it and the idea of lots of people doing it and my mum is doing it too... lol

Have you any helpful tips for our listeners in week 8?

I just want to say it has been tough going from time to time but I feel great now that I've done it and completed the challenge. Just give yourself little goals for the months ahead and take it one week at a time :)

When we have our celebratory drink on Thursday, what will your karaoke song be?

I wont be singing any songs lol as I cant sing for love nor money but I will be cheering everyone else on!