Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My results in The East Coast FM Get Fit Challenge!

How do! Rob G here and after a gruelling 8 weeks the results are finally in. Before I give you them let me just take this opportunity to thank a man who has been there for me everyday, supported me over 8 weeks, pushed me to beyond what I thought were my limits, taught me how to respect food and exercise and is a ledge of a bloke too! The man I'm talking about is my personal trainer in The Raven Gym Alan Sherry. I know he reads these updates so Alan thanks so much again fella I really appreciate what you have done for me so far and yes I know we are not done so I will be in touch soon :)

Over the past 8 weeks I have been through the toughest exercise regime I have ever experienced and looking back on it I'm delighted to say as hard as it was I loved every minute of it. Don't get me wrong there were times in weeks 1 & 2 when I said to myself "Ah sh*** I have to go to the gym" but after that first couple of weeks passed I WANTED to go to the gym!! I stuck to my diet as best I could and the weeks I went of kilter slightly the weight loss was not as much as I'd hoped, go figure! It's true what they say "You are what you eat"

For those of you who want to see my diet plan check previous blog posts and it's there for you to see. So lets get on with it these are my results. In 8 weeks (55 days)I lost inches everywhere...

Chest 3.4 inches
Waist 3.8 inches
Hips 4.6 inches
Arms 3.0 inches
Thighs 6.2 inches
Calfs 1.6 inches

I lost 7% body fat and a total of 35lbs in 8 weeks, that's just shy of 3 stone ;-)

So there you go that's what I achieved in such a short space of time. Another year of this and I will be a completely different man. Well done also to Laura Wood who is looking amazing by the way and that from the other bloke that sees her first thing in the morning ;-) Also massive congrats to our team leaders Georgina McKenna, David Dunne, Niamh Howe, Irene Doyle and Jenny McEvoy who all did really well and enjoyed the experience. We all lost a combined weight of 9 stone. And finally to Alan, Graham, Kian, Ian, Ger, Anita, Simona and everyone else in The Raven Gym for looking after us and cheering us on every step of the way. If you want to go to a great gym then I can't recommend The Raven Gym highly enough. It's fantastic!!

I'm not finished with this I have only started and for anyone thinking about joining up but wondering if you have the get up and go to do it just remember I felt exactly the same way. Now go have a look at my results again.

Talk to you on the radio,

Rob G