Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well what an eight weeks its been. It's changed my perception of exercise and losing weight and helped me channel my desire to tone up and lose weight into training hard and enjoying every minute of it. I think one of the biggest lessons that has been taught to me by my personal trainer Ian and all the other trainers in the Raven Gym is that exercise doesn't have to be a chore, it can be really enjoyable, particularly as you start seeing results because they make you push yourself even harder.

With the expert help of The Raven Gym I managed to reach my goal which wasn't about a number weight wise but more about feeling good about myself and fitting into those couple of pairs of jeans that were covered in cobwebs and hadn't been seen or worn since before I had my son Roddy almost two years ago! I did manage to lose 8lbs and 34cm along the way though and drastically improve my fitness which is an added bonus.

I enjoyed the training so much that my competitive side has now really kicked in and I'm looking for my next challenge after Lugnaquilla which I am going to climb on the 19th May for the bone marrow for Leukaemia Trust. After the mini marathon on 4th June I think I'll start training with the help of The Raven for Hell and Back in October (don't even ask what that involves!)

I just want to say well done to all the challengers, what a group of people! We could not have picked a more worthy or hardworking group and congratulations to them all for doing so well. Thank you also to everyone that took the journey with us and well done for all the great results that you achieved. Well done to Rob G- he's been an inspiration with all the hard work and dedication and looks like a bit of a ride himself!!

Also everyone in The Raven Gym particularly Ian my trainer for all the hours that he put in to helping and guiding me and pushing me so that I didn't allow myself to have an easy ride. A nicer bunch of people you'd be hard pushed to meet. Here's to hopefully doing it all again next year with five new challengers and personally trying to keep it up for good! L x