Friday, April 13, 2012

Jenny's Final Questionnaire!

How are you feeling?

Absolutely great!

Are you planning on keeping up the good/hard work?

Oh yeah, definitely!

What are the main changes you've seen in yourself over the 8 weeks?

I have loads more energy and feel so much healthier.

Are you happy with your final weight/measurements?

Yeah, I am delighted, cant belive it!

What has been the highlight of the 8 weeks for you?

Everything!.. and seeing how much fitter I have become.

Are you ready for Bray Head on Saturday?

Eh.. hell no.. haha!

Have you any helpful tips for our listeners in week 8?

Keep with it as when the results start to show it encourages you to go on.

When we have our celebratory drink on Thursday, what will your karaoke
song be?

Simply the Best by good old Tina Turner :-)