Friday, April 6, 2012

Irene's Week 7 Questionnaire

How are you feeling with one week to go?

I am feeling brilliant at the moment. Everyone is commenting on how well I look and how much weight I have lost, especially those that haven't seen me in a few weeks! I am wearing clothes that haven't fitted me in years and am enjoying browsing the shops for clothes to wear on my summer holiday!

What's your favourite exercise/class at the moment?

I am still enjoying my Sunday morning personal training classes with Amira. We also did Bootcamp this week, which was really hard but great fun. We had to run up and down the stairs outside the gym 10 times, I can't believe I did it! I could barely walk up those stairs the first week!

Are you still sore and if yes, where?

I was very sore after the Bootcamp, especially my legs! Apart from that I haven't been too sore, I think my body is finally adjusting and getting used to working out!

What are the main changes you've seen in yourself?

I can see and feel that I have lost weight. I feel more energetic, happier and confident in myself. I carried my grandson up the stairs to bed for the first time since he was small, which I couldn't do 6 weeks ago. I also have more energy to play with my grand children, which I am thrilled about.

Have you been motivated this week?

Definitely, only a motivated person would have done the Bootcamp!

Are you still missing certain foods?

Not anymore, thankfully.

With just one week to go, do you feel confident of meeting your goal?

I am confident yes, and whether I do or don't reach my ideal weight by then, it doesn't really matter as I plan to continue with my workouts after this challenge finishes.

Do you feel ready for taking on the final task of Bray Head!?

I think so! My son is coming with me for moral support so that will help! It should be a great day for everyone and a brilliant way to prove just how far we have come since starting this challenge 6 weeks ago.

Have you any helpful tips for our listeners?

No matter how hard it is to get started on a diet and fitness regime, it really does get easier, and with perseverance you will see some amazing results. It also helps to have other people around you to motivate you, so it would probably be helpful to join a gym with a friend to support each other. I know that if it wasn't for Rob, Laura and my other 5 gym buddies, these 6 weeks would have been harder, as we are all a great source of support for each other.