Friday, April 13, 2012

David's Final Questionnaire!

How are you feeling?

Fantastic, I've never felt or looked better!

Are you planning on keeping up the good/hard work?

100% this challenge is only the start for me.

What are the main changes you've seen in yourself over the 8 weeks?

My moobs are all but gone. Real confidence bust, sorry, boost ;-)

Are you happy with your final weight/measurements?

Can't believe the change in 8 weeks, unreal.

What has been the highlight of the 8 weeks for you?

Running from the gym to Shanganagh Park and doing 2 laps of the park. Can't get over it.

Are you ready for Bray Head on Saturday?

If I'm not Graham, my trainer, will kill me.

Have you any helpful tips for our listeners in week 8?

Get to the Raven Gym and get their expert advice. Remembering it all begins in the kitchen.

When we have our celebratory drink on Thursday, what will your karaoke song be?

LMFAO I'm sexy and I know it... lol