Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Here are just a few of the Top Tips we received from our listeners today. We will be posting more tips up here as we get them, so keep checking back for that perfect solution you've always been looking for!
  • When I work with my car, I wash my hands with soap and whitening toothpaste mixture. Work's for me all the time. Uldis.
  • Blinds cream or white roller - roll off roller and soak for a bit in little detergent and a little bleach in bath - comes out like new! Anon.
  • If you want to keep your perfume smelling good put it in the fridge. I heard this and thought it was mad, but tried it and it does work. Mary in Wicklow.
  • There is a brilliant product called 'Sticky Stuff Remover' which will take glues and stickers off just about anything - gently! Gwen in Greystones.
  • For cleaning windows, put a little vinegar in with the window cleaner solution. Marie.
  • For hair-dye spills on a cream leather sofa, try hairspray. Spray it on should come off fine. Anon.
  • Dropped entire tin of emulsion on a carpet, scooped it back into the tin and washed the rest off with water, perfect! Anon.
  • Discoloured jewellery; rub with toothpaste. Costume jewellery; paint with clear nail polish to stop from getting discoloured in the first place. Bridget Kilcoole.
  • Wet newspaper is the best for cleaning windows. Take a couple of pages, soak them, scrunch them up in a ball and Bob's yer uncle. No streaks! Anon