Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top Tips Tuesday with Freshly Squeezed!

Here are some of the 'Top Tips' we received from our listeners this week.

  • To keep cats from pooing in flower beds put orange peel on them (the flowerbeds) - John
  • Put chilli powder or pepper around flower beds will stop the cats and dogs - Anon
  • We put lollipop sticks in yogurt pots then freeze them. It makes great kids ice pops - Anon
  • Jeyes fluid is great for killing the smell of cats pee and it keeps them away. Also, mix vinegar, lemon juice and water into a spray bottle and keep spraying it around - Karen
  • To keep cats off your flower beds. Get some planting trays, line with tinfoil and fill with vinegar - Anon
  • Make tea in a basin, when it's good & strong, put in any bras that have gone off-white, leave to soak. Result, flesh coloured bras!. Use the same tea & pour over your hair several times. Leave for a few hours then shower. Do this a few times. Result, auburn hair! - Bridget, Kilcoole
  • Put two tablespoons of bread soda on sink plug then add three tbs of vinegar on top. This will unplug your sink - Anon
  • Ants love fizzy soft drinks. Put half a full can of drink outside at their point of entry. They enter the can and then drown... works every time! - Steve in Arklow

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