Friday, March 30, 2012

Niamh's Week 6 Questionnaire

How was this week?

This week was great thanks, back on track and giving all classes and workouts my very best :)

How are you feeling, are you still enjoying it?

Yes, feeling good, I enjoy going to the gym now as it's less of an effort. I feel great after going every day.

What's your favourite exercise at the moment?

My favourite exercise is, the different abs machines, they really have me working the abs. We had Zumba this week and I loved it. I'll be signing up for those classes.

Are you sore and if yes, where?

My legs are a bit sore today but that's only because I started on a new machine to work the legs and they feeling sore now.

Are you still missing certain foods?

No, not missing anything at the moment which is great.

Are you finding it hard to stick with it?

I found Paddy's weekend hard but I'm grand now this week.

What are the main changes you've seen in yourself?

Definitely clothes fitting better and way more energy, body changing shape too.

Do you still feel motivated?

Yes, very motivated and have my new routine for next two weeks which will work me more.

Do you feel confident of meeting your goal?

Yes, my goal was 2 stone but every week is great once your losing something :)

Have you any helpful tips for our listeners?

Not really, just to take it easy when your tired and give it your all when your full of beans :)