Friday, March 16, 2012

Niamh's Week 4 Questionnaire

Now you're at the half-way mark, have things gotten any easier?
Yes things have gotten easier this week, I cant believe we are mid way through week 4 already!!

Are you still enjoying it?
Yes I am enjoying it, I'm enjoying getting the opportunities to try all the different classes and all the different machines.

How do you feel, body and mind?
I feel great in body and mind, I feel like I have new found energy and more motivated in lots of ways which is a great feeling.

Are you sore and if yes, where?
No not sore as in pain sore but I definitly feel good after the workouts and classes every week.

What food do you miss most, if any?
To be honest I'm not missing anything really in particular, I'm not craving for anything any more and cant believe that my want for sugar isn't as bad anymore.

Have you broken any/many rules?

No, I haven't broken any rules, I'm allowed one treat meal which I have at the weekend, I don't go crazy but I do have something I like.

What has been the highlight of your week?

The highlight of my week was doing a Pilates Class, I always wanted to try one. I found it a bit tricky but it was a good experience.

Do you still feel motivated enough?

Yes there is a lot of motivation from all the trainers and everyone in the group, everyone is doing great.

Have you any helpful information for our listeners?

To be honest, I cant think of any new types but I found that between meals I am definitly a bit peckish so do have snacks at the ready.