Friday, March 30, 2012

Jenny's Week 6 Questionnaire

How was this week?

Great, still in the zone!

How are you feeling, are you still enjoying it?

Yeah, really enjoyed this weeks training always looking forward to the next session with Cian.

What's your favourite exercise at the moment?

I enjoy circuit training because you feel so great after it and you can see the difference in your fitness levels.

Are you sore and if yes, where?

Not really any more.

Are you still missing certain foods?

Not really any more.

Are you finding it hard to stick with it?


What are the main changes you've seen in yourself?

Much more energy and I can't believe that I look forward to doing exercises now ha-ha!!

Do you still feel motivated?


Do you feel confident of meeting your goal?

Well, it’s a life change so I am determined to stick with it going forward.

Have you any helpful tips for our listeners?

I was chatting to Cian last night and haven’t really seen much weight loss we just went over my diet and he said that I am not having enough to eat through the day which means my body is storing it, so try and make sure that you eat little and often!