Friday, March 30, 2012

Irene's Week 6 Questionnaire

How was this week?

This week was really good, I am now down to 14 stone which is a massive achievement for me. I only have to lose around 10 lbs to reach my target weight now!

How are you feeling, are you still enjoying it?

I am now enjoying it more than ever. I love the feeling of satisfaction that I get when I finish a workout and know that it's really making a difference.

What's your favourite exercise at the moment?

I am loving the "Body Pumps" exercises, where we use a weights bar for strength training. It is very good for toning, especially my stomach and legs.

Where are you sore?

After we started the Kettlebell training, my legs were very painful, especially my outer thighs. I am happy about this though as it shows that the exercises are working!

Are you still missing certain foods?

No, I am finally used to my healthy diet! I don't think I would eat junk food now even if it was offered to me which is a huge breakthrough!

Are you finding it hard to stick to?

Not anymore. I feel that it has now become a way of life for me, and I am really enjoying my healthy lifestyle.

What are the main changes you have seen in yourself?

I can see that I have lost weight, my size 18 trousers are now loose on me. My shoes are too big now where the weight has come off my ankles and the tops of my feet. I have so much more energy now than I had 6 weeks ago, and I am sleeping so much better than I have in years.

Do you still feel motivated?

Yes, I am still very motivated.

Do you feel confident that you will meet your goal?

Yes, very confident.

Have you any helpful tips for listeners?

Just that if they want to lose weight, get healthy and fit and enjoy life again, they should just join a gym of fitness centre, get a fitness program and stick with it, it really will pay off.