Friday, March 2, 2012

Irene's week 2 questionnaire

• Has it got any easier now you're in week two?

It has got a bit easier in week two, I am getting used to the exercises and have found myself getting better at spinning. I am now able to stand up where I couldn't last week.
I'm also not getting as tired as I was before the challenge, and my energy levels are much higher.

• How did you get on this week?

I got on well this week, I had my first ever spin class which I really enjoyed, even though it was really hard!
I can definitely feel the effects of this challenge. I have noticed that my watch is much looser, and I can finally get my engagement ring back on for the first time in two years!

• Are you enjoying it and how do you feel?

I am really enjoying this challenge.
I feel much better in myself already.

• Where are you sore?

My bum is quite sore, probably from the spin classes! My thighs are also very sore, which is good!

• What food do you miss, if any?

I miss chocolate, and had to restrain myself from picking at my husband's potatoes last night when I made him dinner! I managed to hold myself back though!

• Have you broken many rules?

I am making every effort to stick to the rules about diet and exercise, and don't think I have broken any so far!
I have my summer holiday coming up so am really concentrating on losing weight.

• What has been the highlight of the week?

I think my workout on Sunday morning was the highlight of the week for me, as I really felt as though I am making progress. My trainer Amira increased my weights and gave me a more intense workout than last week, and I was proud that I am feeling the effects so quickly.

• Have you been motivated enough?

I have defiantly been motivated enough.

• Any information that might be helpful to the listeners?

It is important to listen to the professional fitness instructors as they really do know what they're talking about and what is best for you to do. Also, age doesn't matter when it comes to getting fit and healthy. I am fifty years of age and if I can do it, anyone can!