Friday, March 16, 2012

Georgina's Week 4 Questionnaire

Now you're at the half-way mark, have things gotten any easier?

It is easier now . Its just a part of my every day now.

Are you still enjoying it?
Loving every minute of it.

How do you feel, body and mind?

I feel in much better form, have so much more energy and not as narky lol (so my mother said )

Are you sore and if yes, where?

Nope not sore anymore, maybe I need to work harder.

What food do you miss most, if any?

Not missing much apart from a craving for a packet of crisps yesterday.

Have you broken any/many rules?
No rule breaking this week yet.

What has been the highlight of your week?
I loved the pilates classes.

Do you still feel motivated enough?
Havent been well this week. Also had kids home from school couple of days so didnt do as much as I wud have liked.

Have you any helpful information for our listeners?

Believe in urself that you can do it. Dont give up.