Friday, March 9, 2012

Georgina's Week 3 Questionnaire

Now you're in week 3, has it gotten any easier?

Yes I think it has become easier, dont get me wrong its still hard and some of the classes are cruel.

How Did you get on this week?

I feel I got on well this week.

Are you enjoying it? How do you feel?

Im still really enjoying the classes . I feel im not as sluggish as last week and have definitely more energy.

Are you sore and if so where?

This week I am not sore. I was sore big time on sat after doing classes with Alan Friday morn, he is tough hehe!

What food do you miss most if any?

Still missing nothing at the moment im not even thinking of food.

Have you broken any/many rules?!

Nope im such a good pupil :-) (I had a sneaky drink saturday night but ssshhhh dont tell).

What has been the highlight of the week for you?

I had a meeting Tuesday with my Team Leader Martha.

Have you been motivated enough?

Yes I have great motivation from my family & friends . Im also getting great support also on Facebook. Thank you.

Any other information you think might be helpful to share with the listeners?

I still hate Spinning class although it is getting a LITTLE easier....