Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Week five- just over half way there. Thank God I've made it this far, I remember thinking two weeks in that it was too much hard work, I was too tired and that food (bad food) tasted too good. I'd recently lost a stone over four or five months, didn't seem to be losing any more and was starting to think that 10''12 was 'my weight'. My trainer from The Raven Ian kept telling me to stop weighing myself (repeatedly) and eventually I started listening to him. Week 4 and I really started noticing a difference in my body, as did friends and family which always feels good. I won't lie about the fact I have gone a little downhill at the weekends on occasion since the challenge has started, red wine and eating out or unhealthy takeaways being the main culprits but after Patrick's weekend I said enough is enough- what's the point of working my asse off (literally) Monday to Thursday and then undoing all the good work on Friday to Sunday?! SO I've sort of stopped, I've become much more restrained anyway!

When I go to The Raven Monday to Thursday I try to work as hard as I can. This week I managed to shave 2 minutes 46 seconds off a circuit where I run 5k and do 54 reps of Kettlebell swings, burpies (the spawn of the devil) and shoulder presses. I was absolutely delighted with that and proved to myself (and Ian) that my fitness levels are really improving which is great. I am also running 5K in a quicker time- I limped over the finish line in the Flora Mini Marathon last year and would love to do it without the ambulance being involved this year so that's a goal I'm working towards. I haven't weighed myself in ages but my clothes feel so much more comfortable on me- no more red lines around my stomach from where they were that little bit too snug. I have loads of energy and challenge myself constantly when I'm in the gym or out cycling with Roddy (he's on the back of the bike not trying to catch up) and I'm hopefully three or four weeks from getting into 'those jeans', the ones I've tried on countless times and hardly been able to do up.

I suppose my message to anyone following Rob and I and the five team leaders (who are all doing brilliantly) is stick at it. I know Kate Moss got into trouble for saying 'nothing feels as good as skinny feels' but my version of that is 'nothing feels as good as fit and healthy feels (with hopefully a few inches lost along the way)'. Stick with it, it really is just a case of changing bad habits and making yourself more active and when you start noticing results you won't be able to stop! Good luck! L x