Friday, March 16, 2012

David's Week 4 Questionnaire

Now you're at the half-way mark, have things gotten any easier?
I have to yes and no. The diet has got easier to manage but the training has increased in intensity.

Are you still enjoying it? I am even more now.

How do you feel, body and mind? Body feels tighter, mind is clearer and getting up in the morning is no longer a struggle.

Are you sore and if yes, where?

My knees are wreaked, Fit mix class on Monday was pure torture.

What food do you miss most, if any?
A big DURTY fry. Loads of sausages, rashers, fried eggs, mushrooms and a tomato for decoration.

Have you broken any/many rules?
Yes, While in Liverpool on Tuesday I had a McDonald’s and I felt awful for eating it, Even though it was so good.

What has been the highlight of your week?

Seeing my measurements on Friday morning and knowing I’ve lost 7inchs from my chest. My mobs are disappearing.

Do you still feel motivated enough?

I've no choice Graham my trainer is never off the phone to me.

Have you any helpful information for our listeners?
Treat yourself once a week. On a Friday night have a take away as long as you have put in the work through out the week. Otherwise you will break.