Friday, March 2, 2012

David's week 2 questionnaire

Has it got any easier now you're in week two?

I have to say it has, for the simple reason I now no longer feel stiff and sore but the workouts have NOT got any easier.

How did you get on this week?

Really well. Cannot believe I got up at 6am on Wednesday to do a booth camp.

Are you enjoying it? How do you feel?

I am really enjoying it and I feel great. Going to bed earlier and getting up without much of a struggle. Down to one push of the snooze button.

Are you sore and if so where?

No more pain !!!!!!!!!

What food do you miss most if any?

Anything that I am not supposed to eat. Wouldn’t it be great if breakfast rolls where harvested? In work we got in Water Melon Bon Bons and I am dying to try them but so far I have beating the temptation.

Have you broken any/many rules?

It was a real shock to find out I have not been eating enough…!!! But when it was explained to me that I need to snack healthy between meals it made sense.

What has been the highlight of the week for you?

Being able to get up Wednesday at 6am to do a boot camp. I’m still in shock I did it.

Have you been motivated enough?

Graham (Ni F├╝hrer) my personal trainer has kept me fully interested and completely motivated. His help and guidance has been priceless.

Any other information you think might be helpful to share with the listeners?

Each morning before I eat breakfast, I juice one whole lemon into a pint glass then fill with luke warm water and down in one. This is fantastic for detoxing; Cost penny’s and rids the body of toxins. One tip though… make sure you are not going for a long drive afterwards. You will pee more than once in 30 mins….lol…!!!!