Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well the past five weeks have been totally different to what I'm normally used to! This Get Fit Challenge wasn't just a case of going to the gym and going on a diet, it was a complete lifestyle change for me. For example before all of this started my alarm would go off (or is it on) at 5am everyday I would get up have a shower a coffee and a smoke before making my way to the East Coast FM studios to be on air for 6am without any breakfast in my stomach. I'm in the office until around Midday everyday and it would be then that I'd feel hungry and head to the nearest garage for a roll of some description a packet of crisps, bar of chocolate and something fizzy to drink for my lunch EVERYDAY. I wouldn't eat again until around 7pm in the evening for what would be a fairly big dinner. During the gap between lunch and dinner snack would be whatever was in the house at the time, crisps, and biscuits whatever I could get my hands on, most of the time I would go without and just wait for dinner. I was doing this all wrong!

Alan, my trainer in The Raven Gym pointed out the obvious flaws in my eating habits and came up with a "plan" I feared the worst and was expecting to be eating like a rabbit for the rest of my life, but believe it or not I am eating MORE now than I did before. Sounds odd right? But yes it's true, the difference is I am eating properly. Alan wanted me to eat breakfast for a start but cut out all the crap I was eating. It seemed it bit harsh at first but he didn't want me eating carbohydrates so no bread. pasta, dairy, grains and so on. You are probably thinking what I was thinking at the time "What can I eat"? Protein, protein, protein was drilled into me. So I have to eat eggs, fish, and plenty of meat and veg, the greener the veg the better! To be honest it's a manageable regime. I would have scrambled eggs or maybe an omelette for breakfast,, a nice chicken salad for lunch, and perhaps a stir fry for dinner (extra virgin olive oil all the way) That's not to bad is it? I snack on nuts and fruit most of the time, no fruit until after my training though and unsalted nuts too by the way not the usual lovely ones. All of this combined with exercise has made me feel a lot better in myself. It's easier to wake up at silly O' Clock and I have a lot more energy too. In 5 weeks I'll say that again, in 5 WEEKS I have lost an amazing 2 stone ;) Eat properly and exercise, it all seems so obvious doesn't it? Doing it is the hard part but if I can so can you. The first couple of weeks were tough and it still is tough in the gym BUT here's the thing I'm enjoying it! I NEVER thought I would say that. It took a couple of weeks but I'm really loving it ;)

Being overweight is not easy. I'm a confident guy regardless of my appearance I wasn't just hiding behind a "bubbly" personality "bubbly" by the way is a word I have grown to despise as overweight people always seem to be lumbered with it! I'm not going to tell you I was depressed about my weight and that inside me there was a skinny man screaming to get out. It was something I was used to and I just dealt with it. People’s attitudes I do find a bit odd though. Now I'm not going to tar everyone with the one brush here but the next person that refers to me as "Big Man" or "Big Fella" will probably get my "Big” fist rammed down their "Big" mouth. ANYWAY (Rob calms himself) I remember losing a lot of weight some years ago and I was disappointed to find that I was treated differently. It was still me, same Rob just 6 stone lighter. There was a time when I hated eating in front of people and going to functions and meeting people but it doesn't bother me much unless I meet the before mentioned muppets. Luckily I'm surrounded by people in my life who love, respect and value me and my friendship whether I'm 13 or 23 stone. I'm losing weight for me, my family and my Wife. I want to be healthy and I want to have children I can run around with and see grow up too. And I will continue with this programme even when our Get Fit Challenge is finished. I'll look different by Christmas!

Thanks for reading this, hope some of you can get on board, as Nike say "Just do it"


Rob (don't call him Big Man) G