Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rob's Get Fit Challenge

Hello there,

Well it's been a tough enough week to be honest. The Get Fit Challenge is in full swing and I have been doing my bit too. My first day with my personal trainer Alan involved sretches, squats, and the dreaded plank amongst others. Alan was checking my mobility to see how much he could do with me and the answer was plenty! The kettle bells were brought in eventually, not too heavy, a doddle at first but after two minutes of thinking "this is easy" and showing off I began to feel the pain, have sweat run off me, get short of breath and then have Alan say "great Rob, this will be one of you're main exercises" MARVELLOUS!!

The next day (yesterday) was a sore one! The front and back of my thighs were killing me. Changing gear while driving and putting my foot on the clutch was painful not to mention walking in general and getting up and DOWN stairs. But I had to push through it last night with the help of some stretches and then it was time for me to use the treadmill and something I had never used before, the rowing machine, that was a killer but I got it done. Sore again this morning and back tonight in The Raven Gym for an "extensive" workout. Not looking forward to it, but I'm hoping down the road I'll get to enjoy working out.

My diet has changed dramatically too. No sugars, no grains (that's all breads, rice etc) And a lot more protein and vegetables. So I have to eat plenty of fish, red meat, chicken, turkey, eggs the lot. I'll put up my diet plan here tomorrow.