Friday, February 24, 2012


Jenny Mc Evoy

How Did you get on this week?
Not so bad but cant believe how unfit I am it's crazy I feel like I have done loads but really we haven't. Poor Cian has his work cut out with me!

Are you enjoying it? How do you feel?
On Monday after the first PT session I felt like giving up as I was aching all over trying to drive home was a nightmare but I was back in the Gym at 6.30 Tues morning and got on with it and then I was glad I didn't give up Cian is a good PT very up beat.

Are you sore and if so where?
Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god for Radox baths!!!!

What food do you miss most if any?
None to sore to think about food haha!!!

Have you broken any/many rules?

What has been the highlight of the week for you?
Actually doing something instead of going home and sitting on the couch.

Have you been motivated enough?
I feel I could be more Motivated.I am just sore this week and tired and I am hoping that by the end of next week I will be full of the joys of spring and having people asking you how your getting on is motivating me as well. My next mission is to STOP SMOKING in the next few days which will probably help me too.

Any other information you think might be helpful to share with the listeners?
Stick with it as I would have given up after day 1 but on the 2nd day I felt great and I went to work knowing that my exercises were done for the day and I had loads of energy and we are nearly 1 week down already!!!!!!!!!!!!!