Friday, February 24, 2012


Irene Doyle

How did you get on this week?
I got on really well, I met my fitness instructor Amira and she gave me a fitness plan to stick to. I have had two workouts so far and been given a diet and fitness plan to stick to.

Are you enjoying it?
I am enjoying the fitness sessions so far! I'm also enjoying learning about all of the different types of exercises and how to use the machines in the gym.

How do you feel?
I am in good spirits but very tired! The muscles in my legs are sore from the workouts but that has to be a good thing!

Where are you sore?
My legs are the only area that are painful, especially on the outer thighs.

What food do you miss?
I miss eating carbs especially potatoes as I used to have them with most meals. I also miss having the odd glass of wine and packet of crisps!

Have you broken any rules?
No, I really want to get healthy!

What has been the highlight of your week?
I was very excited to be picked for the challenge!! I also enjoyed my first assessment when everything was explained to me.

Have you been motivated enough?
I feel that I have been very motivated so far.

Have you any helpful information for our listeners?
I have learned that the best thing for someone who wants to lose weight to do is to join a gym. With the correct information and help from the trainers it is much easier to stick to a fitness plan, and you notice the effects almost immediately! They also give you advice on what food to eat and at what times during the day to eat the different food types.