Monday, February 20, 2012

First training session!

Well here I am (not). I've just returned home from my first training session with Ian in The Raven as part of the challenge and it was difficult but enjoyable at the same time! I had a fitness test first (running a Kilometre as fast as possible), then went through a fifteen minute circuit training session and then did a fit mix class (spinning, resistance and abs). Not bad for day one, although my head is purple and I sense some John Wayne walking after those lunges and squats! I'm off bread for two weeks to see how it affects my weight but I'm allowed potatoes still (Thank God). We have our Freshly Squeezed group class on Thursday evening so I'll be back with some photos after that (before the class of course, don't be worrying leaders!). I'm sure Rob will be updating you but I bumped into him at the gym and he was getting a sweat on and feeling the burn Will Ferrell style!