Friday, February 24, 2012

End of week one!

Well this has probably been one of the toughest weeks of my life to date, that may sound a bit much, but for me a big guy to finally get up off his fat ass and do something about it was a feat in itself. I have gone to the gym everyday and struggled everyday but I got through it with the help of my personal trainer Alan in The Raven Gym. Last night we had our first Freshly Squeezed Get Fit Challenge as a group. Myself Laura and the five team leaders did a spinning class and I can't for the life of me know why ANYONE would put themselves through so much torture. I found it really difficult and exhausting, expected for a first time spinner but nonetheless it was extremely difficult. I sat on that bike for 60 seconds and already my ass was saying " what are you at you ***** GET UP! It was probably the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on, and I sat on 3 bar fire as a kid! Legs were gone, just gone. It was as if during the class my bones turned to mush. I did what I could and believe it or not I'll do it again.

Met Alan again at 5 this evening for a workout with the kettle bells and the rower, did some cardio stuff and stretched the bejaysus out of all my muscles (they are under there somewhere) and I worked up a sweat. Alan has told me to stick to my diet plan, no treats for me this weekend :( However he has given me the weekend off as I put a lot in this week which is great, although sadly in the world of radio these days there is no such thing. Oh and one final thing Alan also told me that I lost 13lbs in one week!! Get in ya daisy ;) if you are following my progress keep the faith. And in the words of the legend Ice Cube "You can do it put your back into it" ;) Talk to you again on Monday morning.

A slightly slimmer and still gorgeous,

Rob G

Rob G