Wednesday, May 25, 2011

French Finance Minister Expected To Declare Candidacy For Job As Head Of I.M.F.

The French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is expected to announce her bid to become the new head of the IMF this morning.
The move will put the Irish government under pressure to state whether it will support her candidacy - even though the French government has taken a tough stance against Ireland's bid to get a cheaper bailout deal.
Christine Lagarde is expected to announce her candidacy for the job at a press conference this morning. In the Dail yesterday Enda Kenny refused to be drawn when urged by Independent TD Shane Ross to oppose Madame Lagarde’s candidacy.
However the European Minister Lucinda Creighton said the French
Finance Minister has been quite supportive of Ireland's situation -
and Ireland would be well disposed to her candidature.
A spokesman for the Taoiseach said last night that Ms Creighton
was expressing a personal view - and the matter had not been discussed by government.