Thursday, January 6, 2011

The video everyone is talking about!

Update - The video as you can see has millions of views and was picked up and broadcast by numerous radio and TV stations in the U.S.A. Only 3 days ago Ted was a homeless man begging on the streets, these are just a few of the offers Ted has received since the internet made him a star :)

- Arena announcer for THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS -- including a salary and they will buy him a house!

- OHIO CREDIT UNION LEAGUE gave him $10,000 cash and a retainer deal for voicework!

- ESPN is reportedly offering him a job!

- MTV reportedly wants to discuss a reality series!

- A free vacation trip to Hilo, Hawaii to voice a commercial ... and the list goes on!

It's an amazing story and nice to get some good news for a change :)