Monday, February 22, 2010

Bray are Promoted, Cork City FC to be wound up.

Bray Wanderers are back in the Premier Division, a statement released a short time ago from the Independent Club Licensing Committee stated.

"The Independent Club Licensing Committee met this evening (22/01/10) and unanimously decided to refuse the Premier Division Licence application of Cork City Investment FC Ltd.

Having carefully considered the application and all of the documentation submitted it was the view of the Committee that the club fell seriously short of the criteria required to fulfil a Premier Division Licence in a number of areas.

The committee also considered the application from Friends of the Rebel Army Society (FORAS) and agreed to grant a First Division Licence for the 2010 season."

What this means is that Bray Wanderers will now be promoted with the Rebel Army demoted to Division one .
Following that statement, the Quintas group along with FORAS who were to purchases the club from Tom Coughlan have pulled out of the deal. The club will now be wound up in the High Court at 2pm on Tuesday 23rd February.

Peter Gray, Michael O'Connell and FORAS, the Cork City Supporters Trust, made up the Quintas Group.

A spokesperson for the group said: 'With the decision of the Licencing Committee not to grant a Premier League licence, we're unable to proceed with our bid.

'Unfortunately, this means that the club will be wound up, with devastating consequences for staff, players and creditors.

'This is a sad day for us, the FAI and Cork City, as we are now left
without top-flight soccer in the country's second city.'