Monday, January 4, 2010


A very happy new year to all of you! Back to the grindstone, I had serious difficulty sleeping last night, trying to get back into a routine after a week of going to bed and getting up at all hours! I had a fantastic new year at Hogmanay in Edinburgh. At a street party, ringing in the new year with 'Madness' and 80,000 people all up for a party. The fireworks, which only lasted for 4 mins were out of this world and a definate highlight of the couple of days.

Celebrity Big Brother will ensure that January is a busy month for celebrity news and gossip. Jordan's current squeeze Alex Reid and her ex Dane Bowers have both gone into the house after having a scrap at the weekend at her New Years party which should hopefully make for interesting viewing! There are some other interesting faces like actor Stephen Baldwin, ex footballer Vinny Jones and Stephanie Beecham from Corrie and Dynasty. We have a really cool fleece lined rain set to give away on kids clues this week and a cd prize pack for Never gonna get it. Join Rob and I again tomorrow- we're live from 6.