Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well its the eve of Christmas eve and I'll probably be too busy tomorrow being excited and opening the many presents Rob and indeed everybody else here at East Coast are giving me to blog so I thought I'd do it now. Its been a great week on the show, we had great craic recording our Joy To The World promo from which I have concluded that Rob has a vocation in the Palestrina boys choir! Also we had Peter Dickson the X-Factor voice over guy on the show today who had a voice off with Rob- great craic, he's a really friendly fun guy and was pleasantly surprised with Rob's impersonating talents! We still have weekend breaks, panto tickets, ice skating tickets and kids rain sets to give away tomorrow, aswell as our weekly prize on Never Gonna Get It. Not only that but Rob and I will be swopping presents tomorrow aswell as the rest of us in the office doing Kriskindl which should be good fun. Santa will be in on The Morning Show so I might nab him for my requests before he goes on to ensure I don't get a hanger made into a basketball hoop again! Check out the videos on our blog by the way- some of my favourite clips all year have been put up in the last few weeks, i.e Michelle Heaton snotting herself and the monkey smelling his finger! Anyhow, have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and here's to a healthy, happy 2010 X

Tuesday, December 22, 2009